Need Life Insurance, but no time to meet with a broker?

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Have I got a solution for you!  Just released a couple of weeks ago I have a policy (issued through Manulife Financial) that is fast, effective and gives you all of the benefits of a standalone policy.  We aren't at the point where you can do it all online and it would mean at least a phone conversation to complete an application but that is still quick and easy. This means no needles, no urine samples and no face-to-face meeting with a broker!


What we have now is a policy that is underwritten extremely fast, and available in a few different formats. We can have the application completed and then emailed to you for you to digitally sign and return the document.  Once that is complete we can submit it and have an answer back extremely fast (within a couple of days).  I know that part of the issue for people with life insurance is not wanting to do a meeting and complete the application; this takes that out of the picture entirely.  


All of that being said, this isn't for everyone.  If you have medical issues or concerns than we can still try to get you coverage (and in many cases can get you a policy), but this is really designed for people who have no significant medical history and no concerns that way.  If you think that you are a candidate and are interested, flip me an email or give me a call and we can get this done for you!